Ciaran Kenny

I have been living and working in London since the late seventies. Originally attracted over from Dublin by the lure of the Sex Pistols, I have stayed here, on and off, ever since. On the whole I have come to love London and certainly identify myself now as a Londoner. The extent to which the city has changed over the past thirty years is both thrilling and fascinating and, if anything, every day it feels as if the rate of change is accelerating.

My interest in photography began about five years ago when I was lucky enough to have a job that allowed me to spend a lot of time in New York. At the same time reasonably good digital cameras were falling in price to such an extent that I had to have one. Apart from being one of the more photogenic cities of the world, New York is a great place to haggle over prices for electronic goods. You're never actually sure you got a bargain but the process is very enjoyable and there is nothing like a bit of hard faced wrangling down Canal Street to make you feel like a terribly cosmopolitan chap.

And so I found myself now and then with a nice mid town apartment right beside the Chrysler Building, a digital camera, dinner on expenses and nothing to do after work. If you have a bit of a yen for the dramatic I think there are few places like New York to get stuck into some serious photography - so that's what I did. I took a lot of photographs just for my own enjoyment. I also started to buy photographs and visit photographic galleries to see what other people were up to. I found after a while that I was getting a few compliments on the images I was capturing and this spurred me on to get a little more ambitious and daring in the type of shots I would go for.

Alternating between London and New York, I found London altogether less exciting in photographic terms. And then I remembered that I had always argued in defence of London that it is a city that only slowly reveals its charms. Not an easy city to love like Paris or New York but one that demands, like the best lovers, a commitment of time to really get to know. Now, as far as I am concerned I know London like the back of my hand. And familiarity has bred anything but contempt. So I set about photographing the London that I know and love. I really enjoy urban photography - whatever the city. But, by far my favourite stuff is made up of images of the exciting, colourful, dramatic and ever changing city and people-scape of London.

I work full-time as an IT Consultant and one of the things that fascinate me about photography is the extent to which it allows one to combine the artistic gifts we all have with my own specialist area of technical geekery. To the extent that I have made progress beyond my first rough stabs at capturing New York streetscapes I owe a huge debt to my excellent and deeply knowledgeable teacher Brian Rybolt.

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